File Share Folders (S: Drive)

Similar to the Generic Mailboxes, File Shares are for departments or projects. File share folders allow users, with appropriate permissions, to save documents/files to the University shared drive in a designated folder. Users must complete the File Shares Request Form below. Upon approval by ETS, the shared file will be created in about 48 hours upon receipt and file share access instructions will be sent to the sponsor of the account.

File Share Request Form

File Share Requests must be renewed once a year.

Please be sure to send access changes, especially to remove users, to the Help desk.

HU Intranet (SharePoint)

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform with a wealth of capabilities, including intranet, collaboration, document management, workflow, business intelligence. It currently serves as the University's intranet.

For more information on using SharePoint, contact the ETS Help Desk