What is Networking?

Networking is the design, construction, and use of a network (wired and wireless internet and intranet), which includes the physical components (cabling, hub, bridge, switch, router, etc.), selection and use of computer software and telecommunication protocol for using/managing the network, as well as the establishment of operation policies and procedures related to the network.

Network/Email Usernames & Passwords

Student Login

Your University network username and initial password is the same as your University-issued e-mail account. You can get this login from BisonWeb, under View E-Mail Addresses.

If you do not see a Howard-issued address, contact the Help Desk

See Checking Your Login below to verify you have the correct credentials.

New: Student E-mail Passwords are now being synced with Network Passwords. Each time you change your network password, your e-mail password will change also. Unfortunately, if you change your e-mail password in Google, it will NOT change your network password, so we strongly advise not changing your password in Google, in order to keep the passwords in sync.

Faculty & Staff Login

Except for a small number of users, newtork logins are the same as e-mail logins.

University employees may contact the Help Desk to obtain their network login credentials.

Checking Your Login

To quickly check your network login, you may may attempt to login to If you are unsuccessful, go over the instructions again, and if you still need assistance, contact the Help Desk.

Changing Your Password

To change your password, go to First review Password Security Requirements below.

Password Security Requirements

In compliance with the Howard University Password Security Policy, network passwords are required to expire every 90 days. To avoid problems, users should change their password prior to expiration. Learn how to change and create strong passwords by reading Methods for Changing Network Passwords (PDF)

Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi)

The University's enterprise wireless network is named "HOWARD".

Users may login to the HOWARD network using their University-issued e-mail/network username (see above). See these instruction on how to set up connections on Mac OS Lion 10.7 or Windows 7/8 quick / Windows 7/8 detailed.

You can also configure the wireless network on your wireless device. For instructions on configuring it on an iphone, click here.

There is also a "VISITOR" wireless network for users without a University login. This provides internet access only.

Wifi Configuration Video for Windows 7/8

Wifi Configuration Video

Click on the image or click here.

Cable TV

Residence Hall Cable TV Channel Guide.

Remote Network Access/VPN

Remote AccessHoward‘s network can be accessed remotely when off-campus using our web-based virtual private network (VPN).

Click the following link for instructions: Download VPN Client - Pulse Secure.