• Office of Telecommunications
    Enterprise Technology Services
    2301 Georgia Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20059 (see map)
  • Office Hours:
    Mon-Fri; 8:00am-4:00pm
  • To report telephony issues contact the ETS Help Desk
    202-806-2020 or


The ETS Office of Telecommunications oversees campus landline telephone installation and maintenance, as well as mobile telephone needs for faculty and staff.
Howard University Network and Telephony Migration Project

Information regarding Howard University and IBM’s efforts towards migrating the campus environment to a unified communications platform. Included:

Basic Telephone Service Request Requests

ETS provides basic telephone services for Howard University personnel possessing university landlines. Staff members are encouraged to fill out the Telecommunications Service Request Form and email to
Basic Telephone Services include:

  • Moving existing office phone(s) to new location(s)
  • Providing telephone services to new employees
  • Changing/Disconnecting Office telephone numbers
  • Voicemail pin Resets
  • Resolving telephony troubles (i.e. broken phone equipment, no dial tone, no domestic long distance, etc)
  • Reference requests
Telephone Upgrades

Howard University staff wishing to procure upgraded telephone devices have 2 options for acquisition: leasing from RCN or purchasing through ETS. Click the links to view information regarding upgraded devices available, and information on acquiring.

Additional Services

Howard University staff requiring additional services are asked to fill out the Telecommunications Service Request Form and email it to the ETS helpdesk at Many of these services require the approval of the Office of the CIO before fulfillment. These services include:

  • RCN Office Mobility licensing
  • International long distance pin codes
  • Domestic long distance pin codes (where necessary)
  • RCN Auto-attendant/call tree set up (one per college/school)
  • Conferencing telephone numbers
  • Data jack and cable installations
  • ETS support for large office relocations and renovations

The Wireless Phone Order Form is to be completed when requesting, new wireless service, upgrading or replacing an existing wireless device, reporting lost or stolen devices and canceling wireless services.

Contact: (202) 806-2020
See Wireless Phone Policy