• Office of Telecommunications
    Enterprise Technology Services
    2301 Georgia Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20059 (see map)
  • Office Hours:
    Mon-Fri; 8:00am-4:00pm
  • Help Desk: (202) 806-2020 or
    Phone: (202) 806-2955
    Fax: (202) 806-5960


The ETS Office of Telecommunications oversees campus landline telephone installation and maintenance, as well as mobile telephone needs for faculty and staff.

Questions regarding charges billed to the department after telephone or wireless order requests have been fulfilled should be referred to the Telecommunications Audit.

Contact: (202) 806-2955 Option 4

Interdepartmental Charge Form

Conferencing (Web/Audio/Video)

The University offers web, audio, and video conferencing using AT&T Connect

Contact: (202) 806-2945

Also see Collaboration

Long Distance

To request access to long distance calling, fill out and return the Long Distance Request PIN Application Form

Contact: (202) 806-2955 Option 2.

Office Telephone

The Office Telephone Service Request Form should be completed for adds, moves, changes and/or disconnects and charges associated with a pending order of office telephone services, fax/modem lines, DSL service, and voice mail.

Contact: (202) 806-2955 Option 1


The Office of Telecommunications provides assistance to individuals who call the University main number (202) 806-6100.


The Wireless Phone Order Form is to be completed when requesting, new wireless service, upgrading or replacing an existing wireless device, reporting lost or stolen devices and canceling wireless services.

Contact: (202) 806-2955 Option 3

See Wireless Phone Policy

Personal Discounts

Agreements with some of the University's providers includes discounts for employee and student personal use.

Also see Employee Benefits for more discounts.