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Visiting Scholars/Visiting Researchers

The Visiting Scholars Program will bring established and junior scholars from other universities to Howard University or will facilitate the assignment of Howard University professors to the Center to conduct research related to the mission of the Ronald Walters Center. Visiting Researchers will be graduate-level students who want to spend time at the Center to work on their dissertations or on research related to the mission of the Center. The researchers can be Howard University students or they can be enrolled at another accredited university. The length of the visits ranges from one semester to an academic year.

Visiting Fellows

Visiting Fellows will be former elected or appointed officials who would like to share their expertise with the Center through research or publications or by managing a leadership program. Fellows will be expected to prepare a research product or manage a leadership program during their tenure, which can range from a summer to school year. Visiting fellows will also be expected to offer guest lectures and participate in Center-sponsored activities.

Political Leadership Institute

This program is designed to improve government by providing a leadership enhancement program for black elected officials. It allows the elected officials, through study and conversation with other officials, to work to improve their leadership skills.

Ronald W. Walters Annual Lecture

Once a year, a prominent scholar or political figure will be invited to give a major thought-provoking lecture on the campus. The lecture will be designed to engage the students, faculty and community participants.

Walters Occasional Papers Series

The Occasional Papers Series will consist of periodically published papers addressing varied aspects of public policy and leadership. Center-affiliated authors, including Center staff, Howard faculty and visiting scholars and researchers, will author the papers used in the series. The series will be used to publish legislative analyses and updates, unpublished research studies, working papers, and essays.

Public Policy Sessions

These periodic sessions with students, community, government and nonprofit leaders are designed for engagement in issues affecting the black community such as health equity, quality education, and job creation. These sessions are in line with Dr. Walters’ role of bringing together African Americans of different ideologies and institutional affiliations to develop common agendas and strategies around serious programs devoted to bettering the spiritual and material conditions of African peoples.