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About Howard University
Women's Health Institute

The Howard University Women's Health Institute (WHI) strives to be at the forefront of improving health and health care delivery for women of color in the District of Columbia's metropolitan area. The WHI was established in 1998 to advance health education and research for women of color. The organization grew out of the need for access to education, better health, and services to be provided to women in our community. Howard University's legacy of investing in health improvements for the community continues to be expressed and carried out through the Women's Health Institute and its programs.

Today, the WHI exists as a partnership between the health sciences enterprise, the University, and the community at-large. These partnerships are exemplified through programs championed by all entities, such as the Routine HIV Screening Program (RHSP) and the Center for Infectious Disease Management and Research (CIDMAR), as well as scholarly productivity on an interdisciplinary level. As you view our website, you will see these and other examples of the WHI's commitment to research, community/outreach, patient care, and mentorship.

Through donations and grant funding, the WHI has been able to successfully address the needs of the community, particularly those of women of color.