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Does menopause increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease risk factors in urban, HIV positive, African American females? Tammie Blair, MSN, BCNP. Howard University Hospital, Center for Infectious Disease Management and Research
Presented at the Association for Academic Minority Physicians Annual Conference, Naples Florida. October 2012

Acceptability of HIV screening and trends in the prevalence of newly diagnosed HIV in the opt-out screening era, 2007-2011 R. Setse, A. Mbulaiteye, M. Maneno, K. Lebeta, C. Shamil, R. Mandlewala, A. Abdulahe, M. Ferguson, S. Coleman, C. Maxwell. Howard University Health Sciences, Women's Health Institute
Presented poster at the International AIDS Conference 2012, Washington, DC. July 2012

A Model for Routine Hospital-wide HIV Screening: Lessons Learned and Public Health Implications
C. Maxwell, A. Sitapati, S. Abdus-Salaam, V. Scott, M. Martin, M. Holt-Brockenbrough, N. Retland
Journal of the National Medical Association, Vol. 102, NO. 12, December 2010 Original Communication

Differences in HIV Risk Behaviors across Gender: A 25 month analysis of the Howard University Hospital Routine HIV Screening Program
C. Maxwell, S. Isom, N. Retland, M. Holt-Brockenbrough, N. Egu-Okoronkwo, M. Ferguson
Presented at the 2010 National Summit on HIV Diagnosis, Prevention, and Access to Care in Oxon Hill, MD on November 17-19, 2010

Differences in HIV risk behaviors across gender
C. Maxwell, M. Holt-Brockenbrough, N. Retland, C. Shamil, A. Getahun, N. Adoko, A. Abdulahe
Presented at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria on July 18-23, 2010 and the Association for Academic Minority Physicians 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting in Naples, FL on October 1-3, 2010

Plasma cytokine concentrations are associated with HIV-1 viraltropism in treatment-naive black patients
K. Crawford, X. Niu, F. Farhat, S. Nekhai, C. Maxwell, J. Kwagyan
Presented at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria on July 18-23, 2010

Routine HIV screening of non-pregnant women at an inner-city hospitalincreases detection of infection: a two-year study
C. Maxwell, S. Abdus-Salaam, M. Holt-Brockenbrough, D. Mc Cartney, C. Shamil.
Presented at the International AIDS Society in Capetown, South Africa on July 19-22, 2009