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Abrha, Yirgaalem (2000)
Comparison of ASE and Soxhlet extraction for PCB determination in PCB spiked organic matrices. Journal of Hazardous Materials B80,147, 2000: 147. Yirgaalem Abrha** and D. Raghavan,

Abrha, Yirgaalem (2000)
Characterization of heterogeneous regions in polymer systems using tapping mode and force mode atomic force microscopy. Langmuir 16(24), 2000: 2454. D. Raghavan, M. VanLandingham, X. Gu**, and T. Nguyen.

Abrha, Yirgaalem (2000)
Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) recovery from spiked organic matrix using accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) and Soxhlet extraction. Journal of Hazardous Materials 80(1-3), 30 December 2000: 147-157. **Yirgaalem Abrha and *D Raghavan.

Abron, Armin (2015)
Hospital admissions for pneumonia more likely with concomitant dental infections. Clin Oral Investig,, Vol.19, No.6 (2015): 1261-1268. Brian Laurence, Nee-Kofi Mould-Millman, Frank A. Scannapieco, Armin Abron.

Abu, R (2016)
Shear strain localization in AA 2219-T8 aluminum alloy at high strain rates. Materials Science and Engineering: A, Vol.655 (8 February 2016): 212–220. G.M. Owolabi, D.T. Bolling, A.A. Tiamiyu, R. Abu, A.G. Odeshi, Horace A. Whitworth.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2000)
Work satisfaction, burnout, and turnover among social workers in Israel: A causal diagram. International Journal of Social Welfare, Vol.9, No.3 (2000): 191-200.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2002)
Predictors of life satisfaction in frail elderly. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, Vol.38, No.3 (2002): 3-17. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, Anissa Rogers, Amanda Barusch.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2003)
Parent-adolescent conflict and its resolution in monogamous and polygamous Bedouin Arab families in southern Israel. ScientificWorldJournal 5, No.3 (Dec 2003): 1249-64. Elbedour S, Hektner JM, Morad M, Abu-Bader SH.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2005)
Gender, ethnicity, and job satisfaction among social workers in Israel. Administration in Social Work 29, No.3 (2005): 7-21.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2006)
Using Statistical Methods in Social Work Practice. Chicago: Lyceum Books, 2005.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2006)
Predictors of depression among former welfare recipients: a path diagram. Best Practices in Mental Health: An International Journal, Vol.2, No.2 (2006): 1-22. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, Sandra E. Crewe.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2006)
The scope of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse in a Bedouin-Arab community of female adolescents: The interplay of racism, urbanization, polygamy, family honor, and the social marginalization of women. Child Abuse Negl., Vol.30, No.3 (Mar 2006): 215-29. Elbedour S, Abu-Bader S, Onwuegbuzie AJ, Abu-Rabia A, El-Aassam S.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2008)
The impact of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the well-being of Arab Americans in New York City. Journal of Muslim Mental Health, Vol.3, No.2 (2008): 217. Wahiba Abu-Ras, Soleman H. Abu-Bader.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2010)
Risk factors for depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD): The case of Arab and Muslim Americans post-9/11. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, Vol.7, No.4 (2009): 393-418. Wahiba Abu-Ras, Soleman H. Abu-Bader.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2010)
Advanced and Multivariate Statistical Methods in Social Science Research with a Complete SPSS Guide. Chicago: Lyceum Books, 2010.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2010)
Cardiovascular disease risk factors in Arab Americans living in Metropolitan Washington, DC. Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports, Vol.4, No.3 (2010): 1181-185. Nawar M. Shara, Elizabeth A. Carter, Soleman Abu-Bader, Antonio Deshields, Ali Fokar, Barbara V. Howard.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2011)
Using Statistical Methods in Social Science Research, with a Complete SPSS Guide. 2nd Ed. Lyceum Books, 2011.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2011)
The impact of acculturation on depression among older muslim immigrants in the United States. J Gerontol Soc Work, Vol.54, No.4 (May 2011): 425-48. Soleman H. Abu-Bader, M.T. Tirmazi*, Fariyal F. Ross-Sheriff.

Abu-Bader, Soleman H (2015)
Blood pressure dipping and urban stressors in young adult African Americans. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 2015. Thomas A. Mellman, Tyish S.H. Brown, Ihori Kobayashi, Soleman H. Abu-Bader, Joseph Lavela, Duaa Altaee, Latesha McLaughlin, Otelio S. Randall

Abubakar, MA (2010)
A computer simulation of strain energy from rotation to promote protonic conduction across grain boundaries. Physica B: Condensed Matter, Vol.405, No.5 (1 Mar 2010): 1437-1446. M.A. Abubakar, A.D. Getahun, C.M. Kennefick.

Abubaker, Khalid (2005)
Cellular Automata Modeling of En Route and Arrival Self-Spacing for AutonomousAircrafts" Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of Air Traffic Controllers Association, August 11, 2005: 127-134. Charles Kim, Khalid Abubaker**, and Obinna Obah**

Abubaker, Khalid (2005)
Performance Evaluation of TMA in Arrival Traffic at IAH. Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of Air Traffic Controllers Association, August 11, 2005: 85-92. Charles Kim, Daniel Akinbodunse**, Khalid Abubaker**, and Chimaobi Mbanaso**

Abugo, Usiwoma (2015)
Management of the eye in facial paralysis. Facial Plastic Surgery, Vol.31, No.2 (2015): 140-144. Mahsa Sohrab, Usiwoma Abugo, Michael Grant, Shannath Merbs.

Abugo, Usiwoma (2015)
Transient sixth nerve palsy and mydriasis following a temporal sculptra aesthetic (Poly-(L)-lactic acid) injection: A case report and literature review. American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, Vol.32, No.2 (June 2015): 71-76. Usiwoma Abugo, Soheila Rostami

Abugo, Usiwoma (2015)
Gender and racial variations of the nasolacrimal system. In: A.J. Cohen, M. Mercandetti, B. Brazzo (eds.), The Lacrimal System: Diagnosis, Management, and Surgery (2015), 29-33. R.E. Gausas, Usiwoma Abugo, S.R. Carter.

Results 51 to 75 of 19757

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