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Achalla, P (2006)
Characterization of elastomeric blends by atomic force microscopy. Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, Volume 44, Issue 3, Date: 1 February 2006, Pages: 492-503. P. Achalla, J. McCormick, T. Hodge, C. Moreland, P. Esnault, A. Karim, D. Raghavan

Acosta, Rafael Diaz (2016)
Race and socioeconomic disparities in national stoma reversal rates. The American Journal of Surgery, Available online 6 January 2016. Syed Nabeel Zafar, Navin R. Changoor, Kibileri Williams, Rafael Diaz Acosta, Wendy R. Greene, Terrence M. Fullum, Adil H. Haider, Edward E. Cornwell III, Daniel D. Tran.

Acquaye, Lucinda A (2012)
International programs: Advancing human rights and social justice for African American students. Journal of Social Work Education, Vol.48, No.4 (Dec 2012): 763-784. Lucinda A. Acquaye*, Sandra E. Crewe.

Acres, Omar W (2014)
Identification and characterization of novel renal sensory receptors. PLoS ONE, Vol.9, No.10 (23 October 2014): e111053. Rajkumar P., Aisenberg W.H., Omar W. Acres, Protzko R.J., Pluznick J.L.

Adair, Kirk (2012)
Lab attendance and academic performance. ISRN Education, Vol.2012 (2012), Article ID 364176, 5p. Kirk Adair, Omari H. Swinton. http://www.isrn.com/journals/education/2012/364176/

Adam, Aisha (2003)
Indigenous Mixed Soil Bacteria in Presence of Compatible Plants are More Efficient in PCB Degradation. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 12, No.2b (2003): 1-6. Sisir K Dutta, Aisha Adam, Ousmane Toure, Arthur L Williams, and Yong Quing Chen.

Adam, Aisha (2005)
Molecular evidence of genetic modification of sinorhizobium meliloti: Enhanced PCB bioremediation. J Ind Microbiol. Biotechnol 32 (2005): 561-566. Yongqing Chen; Aisha Adam; Ousmane Toure; SK Dutta.

Adam, M (2010)
Water vapor measurements by Howard university Raman lidar during the waves 2006 campaign. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, Vol.27, No.1 (2010): 42-60. Adam, M., Demoz, B.B., Whiteman, D.N., Venable, D.D., Joseph, E., Gambacorta, A., Wei, J., Shephard, M.W., Miloshevich, L.M., Barnet, C.D., Herman, R.L., Fitzgibbon, J., Connell, R.

Adam, Marianna (2009)
A numerical model of the performance of the Howard University Raman Lidar system. AIP Conf. Proc. 1140 (2009): 93-103. Rasheen M. Connell, Mariana Adam, Demetrius Venable.

Adams, Alex J (2013)
Student pharmacists' perceptions of community pharmacy residency programs. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, Vol.53, No.2 (2013): 193-197. M.V. Datar, Erin R. Holmes, Alex J. Adams, Sauuel F. Stolpe.

Adams, Richard G (1996)
Lower Leg High-Intensity Resistance Training and Peripheral Hemodynamic Adaptations. Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology 21, no. 3 (1996): 209-17. R G Adams, et al.

Adams, Richard G (2000)
Blood pressure reactivity to mental stress and aerobic fitness in normotensive young adult African-American males with parental history of hypertension. Stress Medicine 16(4), 2000: 219-227. *V Bond Jr, *P Vaccaro, *M Caprarola, *RM Millis, *R Blakely, *R Wood, *M Roltsch, *J Fairfax, *B Hatfield, *BD Franks, *D Williams,*GC Davis, *RG Adams.

Adams, Richard G (2002)
Vernon Bond, Quiona Stephens**, Richard G. Adams*, Paul Vaccaro, Ronald DeMeersman, Deborah Williams*, Thomas O. Obisesan*, B. Don Franks, Luke M. Oke*, Bernell Coleman*, Raymond Blakely, Richard M. Millis*. Aerobic exercise attenuates an exaggerated exercise blood pressure response in normotensive young adult African-American men. Blood Pressure 2002; 11: 229-234.

Adams, Richard G (2003)
Low arterial compliance in young African-American males. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 285 (2003): H457-H462. Adrienne S. Zion, Vernon Bond*, Richard G. Adams*, Deborah Williams*, Robert E. Fullilove, Richard P. Sloan, Matthew N. Bartels, John A. Downey, Ronald E. De Meersman.

Adams, Richard G (2004)
Normal exercise blood pressure response in African-American women with parental history of hypertension. Am J Med Sci. 328 (2004): 78-83. Vernon Bond, Richard M. Millis*, R.G. Adams*, Deborah Williams*, Thomas Obisesan*, Luc M. Oke*, Raymond Blakely, Paul Vaccaro, B. Don Franks, Marguerite Neita*, Gwendolyn C. Davis*, Ometha Lewis-Jack*, Charles O. Dotson.

Adams, Richard G (2005)
Attenuation of exaggerated exercise blood pressure response in African-American women by regular aerobic physical activity. Ethn Dis 15 (2005): S5-S10. Bond V, Millis RM*, Adams RG*, Oke LM*, Enweze L*, Blakely R, Banks M, Thompson T*, Obisesan T*, Sween JC**.

Adams, Richard G (2005)
Ethnic and age-related fat free mass loss in older Americans: the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III).BMC Public Health 5, No.1 (Apr 2005): 41. Obisesan TO, Aliyu MH, Bond V, Adams RG, Akomolafe A, Rotimi CN.

Adams, Richard G (2007)
Acute exercise and postexercise blood pressure in African American women. Ethn Dis. 17 (2007): 664-668. Lawrence Enweze, Luc M. Oke, Terry Thompson, Thomas O. Obisesan, Raymond Blakely, R. George Adams, Richard M. Millis, Madiha Khan*, Marshall Banks, Vernon Bond.

Adams, Richard G (2013)
Oxygen consumption at 30 W of exercise is surrogate for peak oxygen consumption in evaluation of cardiorespiratory fitness in young-adult African-American females. ISRN Physiology, Vol.2013 (2013), Article ID 756276, 5p. Richard M. Millis Vernon Bond Jr., M. Sadegh Asadi, Georges E. Haddad, Richard G. Adams.

Adams, Richard G (2013)
Effects of dietary nitrates on systemic and cerebrovascular hemodynamics. Cardiol Res Pract, 2013:435629. Vernon Bond Jr, B.H. Curry, R.G. Adams, M.S. Asadi, Richard M. Millis, Georges E. Haddad.

Adams, Richard G (2013)
Oxygen consumption at 30 W of exercise is surrogate for peak oxygen consumption in evaluation of cardiorespiratory fitness in young-adult African-American females. ISRN Physiol., 2013:756276. Richard M. Millis, Vernon Bond Jr, M. Sadegh Asadi, Georges E. Haddad, R.G. Adams.

Adams, Richard G (2014)
Cardiorespiratory function associated with dietary nitrate supplementation. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, Vol.39, No.2 (Feb 2014): 168-72.. Vernon Bond Jr., Bryan H. Curry, Richard G. Adams, Richard M. Millis and Georges E. Haddad.

Adams, Richard G (2014)
Effects of nitrate supplementation on cardiovascular and autonomic reactivity in African-American females. ISRN Physiol, 23 February 2014. Vernon Bond, Bryan H. Curry, R. George Adams, Sadegh M. Asadi, Kimani A. Stancil, Richard M. Millis4, Georges E. Haddad.

Adams, Richard G (2015)
Characteristics and health perceptions of complementary and alternative medicine users in the United States. Am J Med Sci, Vol.349, No.2 (February 2015): 140-144. Maryam A. Laiyemo, Gail Nunlee-Bland, Frederick A. Lombardo, R. George Adams, Adeyinka O. Laiyemo.

Adams, Russell L (1996)
The World of the Henrietta Marie. In: Madeleine Burnside (ed.), Henrietta Marie: An Exhibit, pp? Key West, FL: The Fisher Maritime Heritage Society, 1996.

Results 76 to 100 of 19757

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